COD: Warzone Will Retain The Current Engine Despite Merger

A large number of gamers were surprised when Activision announced that Call of Duty: Warzone will be integrated within Call of Duty: Black Ops –Cold War in the following weeks, with many being weary about major changes.

Most Call of Duty titles relies on enhanced versions of the Infinity Ward engine. For example, Warzone and the Modern Warfare reboot rely on te Infinity Ward 8.0 engine, while the next COD game relies on the Black Ops- Cold War Engine, a heavily modified version of the IW 3.0 engine.

Same but different

While the two engines are quite similar, the slight alterations can lead to certain gameplay differences. Some gamers worried that Activision would unify the two games by using the same engine, but the rumor has been discredited by an employed responsible for art, who argued that there would be no engine shift.

It can be argued that it makes no sense to rebuild a game from the start and force users to download it again just to make it a bit prettier, but the statement shared by the employee has appeased a lot of heated discussions.

What does integration include?

According to Activision, the integration will take place after November 13, when the first season of content for Black Ops- Cold War will drop. Operators and weapons featured in Black Ops- Cold War will come to Warzone along with a themed battle pass and additional content for the store.

The merger aims to bring fresh content to COD Warzone and ensure that the experience remains as interesting as and as intense as what can be felt in the paid titles. Sources theorize that the Warzone team will adapt the new weapons and make them balanced for the Warzone experience, as they feel quite punchy and different in the Cold War Alpha test.