Activision Reveals The Storage Space Requirements For Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The chapter in the Call of Duty franchise will be ready for deployment, and Activision has decided to reveal the amount of storage space required for the title, which is quite impressive.

Gamers will have to sacrifice 95 for the PS4 version and 93GB for the Xbox One version of the title. In the case of the next-gen consoles, the requirements are significantly higher, as the title will need 133GB on the PlayStation 5 and 136GB on the Xbox Series X and Series S.

Growing requirements

Call of Duty has been raising heated debates for years as the space requirements have grown at a fast pace since the release of COD: Advanced Warfare. The Modern Warfare reboot pushed the bar again at release, and the addition of Warzone boosted the hunger for space.

It is worth noting that in the case of the next-gen consoles, the extra storage space that is needed might be filled with high-resolution texture packs and other graphical improvements that will take advantage of the new hardware configuration. However, Sony offers a smaller 825GB SSD in comparison to the 1TB SSD used by Microsoft.

Limited storage space

The situation becomes a bit grimmer once certain factors are taken into account. For example, only 364GB out of the 512SSD available from the star will be useable in the case of the Xbox Series X.

Sony fans will face a similar situation, as developer kits for the PS5 have shown that only 667GB out of the 825GB available on the SSD will be usable. In both cases, the OS used by the two consoles requires a hefty amount of space, and even more, it will be needed as Microsoft and Sony will continue to release firmware updates.

PC gamers are the luckiest of the bunch as the game needs 82GB for most system requirements and 125GB for the full RTX settings.