Iron Man VR — The Devs Delayed The Title Once Again

It seems that we are starting this year with a lot of delays in the game department. Iron Man VR is not the only game that is put on pause by its developers. If you remember, Iron Man VR came to us for the first time in March 2019 at Sony’s State of Play show.

After we saw the trailer, the game was promised to us with the date launch of February 28, 2020. Unfortunately, Camouflaj needs more time to release it. Iron Man VR is the creation of Camouflaj for the last past three years, and the game will come for the PlayStation VR.

The company is doing a lot of hard work, as Brendan Murphy is saying. They want to go with a great story about Tony Stark and fantastic features for flying and action of the Super Hero in VR. The idea of the game is to feel like you are in the shoes of Tony Stark. So Camouflaj, Sony Interactive, and Marvel Games are teaming up to do precisely this.

The devs delayed Iron Man VR Once Again

The devs plan to create a world in which you can interact, choose dialogues and practically live in the armor. The Marvel writer Christos Gage also improves the script. The team is doing a lot of work on developing the villain Ghost. The story will revolve around Tony Stark and Ghost, who you may know from Ion Man #219.

However, the story is fantastic, the dialogues will be useful, the feeling of being Tony Stark is incredible, but we still have to wait.  The official announcement posted by Camouflaj on Twitter is saying that the team needs more time to go on with their plans for the game. The fans deserve the best, and for the meeting the fans’ expectations with the developers’ visions, a delay is needed.

Finally, we have to wait until May 15, 2020, for the release of Iron Man VR for PlayStation VR. Besides the Iron Man VR, the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Cyberpunk 2077, and Marvel’s Avengers are on the list of the delayed games.