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Iulia Lumanare

Iulia Lumanare is an actress and a screenwriter working on the role of a journalist. Writing and playing at the same time.

Andrea Osu

Andrea Osu


Andreea Osu likes to think of herself as an adult that has her life sorted out. In reality, she is a young woman trying to find out what the real world is about. Her passions include medicine, psychology and anything tech-related. Writing is an occupation she picked up after finishing high-school and, according to her, seeing her articles published fulfills one of her childhood dreams.

Calvin S. Heenan

With a genuine passion for movies and tech, Calvin likes writing about these topics. He is also an experienced writer of scientific articles, so, from time to time, he will also cover such subjects.

Marion V. Earnest

Marion is an experienced content creator, and she goes beyond writing. However, for Upload Comet, Marion will write articles on various topics, including science and tech.

Melanie J. Gullett

Melanie is one of our most experienced contributors. With ten years of experience in this domain, Melanie covers topics related to health, movies, TV series, and more.