Overwatch Gets Highly-requested Crossplay Update

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s crossplay update was recently launched by Blizzard which allows players from different platforms to team up and compete against one another. The feature connects players on all platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.

The update means that all Overwatch players must set up a free Battle.net account if they haven’t done so already. Naturally, PC players don’t have to go through this process, however, console players will have to link their Battl.net accounts to their respective console accounts.

Players from different consoles will now be matched up against each other which helps reduce queue times and increase player pools. PC players on the other hand will remain matched together for the most part. The only instance where PC and console players will have combined matchmaking pools is if you are in a mixed party.

Crossplay is currently enabled for the Quick Play, Arcade, and Custom game modes. As for Overwatch’s ranked Competitive mode, PC and console players will not be able to play together. This makes sense as PC players have the advantages of using a keyboard and mouse especially in FPS games like Overwatch. Those who would like to opt-out of crossplay can also do so which would return things as they were prior to the update.

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

One feature that still hasn’t been implemented in Overwatch is cross-progression, which is the ability to carry over skins and rankings across platforms.

In addition to crossplay, the latest Overwatch update adds Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge which rewards players with a Legendary Deadlock Ashe Skin for playing 27 games among other cosmetics. To celebrate this update, players will also receive one Golden Loot Box on every platform they have the game on.

Currently, Overwatch’s crossplay feature is still in beta, meaning Blizzard is still testing it out. The developers will also be listening to feedback from players to tweak and improve crossplay going forward.

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