New Exoplanet Exploration Method Involves Radiation Study

NASA’s Explorers Program has two finalists for $145 million in funding to develop new means for determining the habitability of neighboring exoplanets. Extreme-ultraviolet Stellar Characterization for Atmospheric Physics and Evolution…

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The Perseverance Mars Rover Will Carry More Than 10 Million Human Names

A placard that contains the names of 10,932,295 people and essays written by the finalists of NASA’s “Name the Rover” contest was mounted on NASA’s new Mars rover, the Perseverance,…

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Newly Found Bacteria Can Fight Plastic Pollution By Turning Polyurethane Into Recyclable Materials

About 3.5 million tons of the plastic produced in 2015 was polyurethane (PU). The major problem with this polymer is that it can’t be easily recycled or destroyed. It is…

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Solar System’s Current Features Are Because Of The Behavior Of Giant Planets

Previously, it was believed that the Solar System took shape known today 700 million years after it started forming. The belief furtherly changed, and scientists began to think it dates…

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NASA’s OSIRIS-REX Created An Accurate Map Of Asteroid Bennu

OSIRIS-REX is sent by NASA to research the Bennu Asteroid thoroughly. This mission is a preparatory stage for an upcoming expedition. At the moment, researchers are trying to get a…

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