Discord adds new AutoMod feature to keep users safe

Discord has become of the most popular communication platforms that brings users together in community servers. However, these servers can become particularly challenging to moderate when more and more users start joining every day. As a result, Discord has now introduced AutoMod as a new seamless tool that helps moderators keep users and servers safe with minimal effort.

Discord announced that AutoMod is a built-in solution that will help prevent harmful messages from appearing on a server. This tool is capable of automatically detecting and blocking offensive messages via a specific set of filters. Previous moderating bots did not have the ability to block messages before they hit the server and would take a few seconds until the appropriate action is taken. Now, Discord’s AutoMod introduces preemptive blocking for banned words before they are even sent.

AutoMod works by scanning your server for specific words and phrases that are deemed offensive. This tool then blocks these messages before they are even displayed in the server and alerts the admins of the action that was taken. AutoMod is also capable of timing out users for spamming suspicious links or attempting to bypass restrictions on banned words by using clever spelling.

Discord’s AutoMod will offer three ready-made lists of offensive words and phrases that can be used to detect and block offensive language. These include general insults and offensive terms that are most commonly used.  In addition, users will be able to add up to three completely customizable lists of banned phrases to help keep their communities safe.

Previously, Discord communities would use third-party bots to moderate their servers and keep users safe. With the introduction of AutoMod, Discord is making the whole process more seamless with this built-in solution. By automating the moderation process, Discord hopes to facilitate the work of server admins and moderators while also making community servers a safer place for everyone on the platform.

By having AutoMod, Discord is giving moderators an incredibly efficient tool that operates 24/7 with little to no manual work required.  As of right now, AutoMod is exclusively available to Community servers and can be accessed through the Content Moderation tab in the Server Settings on the Desktop version of the app. AutoMod will continually be improved and updated with time to ensure that Discord users can feel safe when communicating through community servers.