How Can The Metal Flagship Pixel 5 Support Wireless Charging?

Google finally released the Pixel 5 flagship phone last month, and it’s an obvious upgrade for the previous Pixel 4 released last year. Pixel 5 comes with a Snapdragon 765G processor, 5G connectivity, IP68 dust and water resistance, 8GB of RAM, an OLED display of 6 inches and 90Hz refresh rate, and more.

Being made almost entirely of metal, it’s a mystery for many how Pixel 5 could support wireless charging. After Google explained the basics of how that works, a new video teardown at PBKReviews and via 9to5Google comes to add further clarifications:

Google has tucked millimeter wave 5G antennas close to the volume rocker and top edge, and let’s not also forget about the large cutout in the middle of the aluminum shell that allows the wireless charging coil to work.

$699 in the US

The Pixel 5 phone is only $699 in the US, which means that it’s really a cheap device considering what amazing things it can do.

With Google being a company that doesn’t need any kind of presentation, as we all know that it offers so many software services that we almost cannot imagine our lives without. We can remind of the notorious search engine, Gmail, YouTube, the Play Store, Waze, video calling apps like Hangouts and Meet, and so on. The Mountain View-based company seems to be willing to prove that it can be just as active in the hardware field as well.

With a lot of tech lovers disappointed by the Pixel 4 smartphone, they were surely more satisfied after seeing the specs of the successor Pixel 5. Google’s latest flagship also comes equipped with Android 11 out of the box, and it packs a 4080mAh battery with fast charging at 18W.