Two Classic Franchises Make a Splash on Twitter

This weekend has seen some drama being stirred up within the gaming community. Over the last few days, a distinct group of RPG and FPS fans jumped up with joy upon discovering that Perfect Dark and Fable, two franchises that have been quite dead ever since they were acquired by Xbox, could have a comeback in store. Unfortunately, Microsoft has just announced that the rumors on Twitter are all fake and there is nothing in store for the two classic series.

If you are close to omnipresent online, you have probably noticed that there has been some discussion related to the two old Xbox series ever since Tom Warren, a journalist working for The Verge, has noticed that two placeholder Twitter accounts were put in place for Perfect Dark and for Fable. These both have only some minor, but still incredibly valuable, ties to their respective publishers.

Unfortunately, the rumors are just that: rumors. The return of these two series is not planned at the moment. Aaron Greenberg, the general manager of Xbox games marketing has replied to Warren’s tweets, explaining that securing social handles for their IPs and creating accounts for their games is a routine job, so there is nothing planned regarding the reappearance of Fable and Perfect Dark.

Regardless of the official statements of Microsoft, the Perfect Dark account is a peculiar little situation. After initially noticing the Fable account, an unknown Twitter user stole the Perfect Dark handle, later admitting this on their timeline. Ken Lobb, the creative director of Microsoft, then followed the account. For now, it is not clear why that happened. Theoretically, there is no reason why the creative director would follow these accounts if the company had nothing planned regarding the Perfect Dark and Fable. Well, that is the fun part about Twitter: speculation will always be rampant.