How to Become CompTIA A+ Certified? Are Practice Tests Enough?

The CompTIA A+ certification is one of the most popular accreditations for anyone who wants to take a step further in their career and cultivate their problem-solving skills. In general, this credential is suitable for any candidate who is intended to know all and even more about security issues and cloud systems. So, if you want to become an IT security & cloud management specialist, you shouldn’t miss this article. We will tell you everything about becoming a certified IT individual and how you can pass your A+ exams with flying colors.

Top Skills to Develop to Get CompTIA A+ Accreditation and Other Important Facts

If you want to become an appreciated IT specialist, you should be able to do more than just fixing small PC issues. Any candidate who adds this Exam-Labs credential to his/her curriculum vitae has at least double chances to be selected for a well-paid position in an international company. This badge is the green light for any recruiter who wants to attract a valuable specialist to his/her company and add value to the IT team. While all these facts seem very exciting and motivating, you will need to study hard and develop a different set of skills before you are 100% prepared.

If you want to be Security+ SY0-501 certified, you will need to get the passing score in 220-1001 & 220-1002 tests. Each of them evaluates different abilities and helps test-takers be fully prepared to have great performance in troubleshooting your company’s systems.

Well, how do you get prepared for the A+ accreditation then? The official materials provided by the vendor are the best training solutions you should use. Also, before taking your exams, you should evaluate your knowledge using practice tests available online. These reliable resources will help you identify which skills you need to hone.

As we are speaking about the domains measured by the two tests A+ 220-1002, you should prepare to gain more knowledge of the following skills:

  • Fixing different networking problems and help your colleagues whenever they need support for IT infrastructure;
  • Quickly identifying solutions to troubleshoot the company’s systems and developing strategies for better data management;
  • Strengthening your skills in IT to help you configure various operating systems like Linux, Android, Chrome OS, iOS, or Windows;
  • Providing constant support for different mobile and PC devices.

When it comes to the peculiarities of these two A+ exams, to pass 220-1001 exam you need to get 675 points out of 900. As for Network+ N10-007, you should score at least 700 points. Each exam has 90 questions with different formats that you need to solve in 90 minutes. So, you will only have 1 minute per question. Quite difficult, isn’t it? Also, each exam will cost you $226. If you don’t want to lose the money, you should study hard to pass these tests.


The process of becoming CompTIA A+ certified is not very difficult if you are well-prepared. If you want to take the passing score in both exams with codes A+ 220-1001 and 220-1002 you should use different preparation materials. Study guides, practice tests, and instructor-led training sessions are some of the most popular resources used by successful exam-passers. All the best!