T-Mobile Gets Hit by Massive Data Breach

T-Mobile Gets Hit by Massive Data Breach
Image Credit: SOPA Images via Getty Images

T-Mobile has suffered a massive data breach which has compromised its customers private information. According to a statement by the company, a cyberattack against their systems has resulted in over 48 million people having their personal information stolen.

The stolen data includes the full names, social security number, date of birth and ID documents of customers. Thankfully, T-Mobile stated that there are no signs of stolen data related to payment such as credit and debit card information.

Around 7.8 million active postpaid users had their account information compromised, however, this only represents fraction of the affected individuals. Upwards of 40 million former or prospective customers also suffered the same fate with their personal information being swiped during the same data breach.

The alleged intruder was attempting to sell the stolen data of 30 million customers using an underground forum. The asking price was said to be 6 Bitcoins which is equivalent to roughly $270,000.

The company has urged all users to reset their PINs and passwords as an extra security measure. Furthermore, affected users will be granted two years of McAfee’s ID Theft Protection Service for free. T-Mobile’s investigation is still ongoing but the company is confident that it has closed of access to the breached points in order to stop the hackers.

However, T-Mobile is faced with another major issue as a class action lawsuit was filed against them in a Washington court. The main complaint being that T-Mobile’s negligence in protecting its customers has put them in considerable risk with private information now being in the hands of thieves.

T-Mobile will definitely need to implement some serious security upgrades as this isn’t the first data breach they have suffered. Similar attacks have been occurring since 2018 with the latest one being earlier this year.

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