Tales of Monkey Island Is Finally Back

After not being available for quite a long time, Tales of Monkey Island has finally returned to the gaming community. After Telltale Games has disappeared as a studio in their well-known 2018 conflict, a lot fo the story-driven studio’s projects were called off. Slowly but surely, some of these story-driven games are starting to resurface. Now, the 3D game produced by Guybrush Threepwood has made its way back onto GOD and Steam.

A while back, Tales of Monkey Island was one of the many adventure games that were brought down after Telltale Games really exploded – in a bad way. The game studio has fired most of its staff before it closed for good. The studio was the owner of games such as Back to the Future: The Game, Tales from the Borderlands and even some classics such as Monkey Island. While players were still able to download and play the game, they were no longer available for purchase.

Over the course of a few months, and in this case years, games started to slowly come back. For example, The Walking Dead got its definitive rerelease in 2019, and a pseudo-game studio kinda looking like Telltale rose from the ashes last year in a desperate attempt to bring demand for some of their older games back up. This new studio even mentioned that they would love to release titles such as The Wolf Among Us 2, but, considering the valuable talent they have lost, that will not be easy.

But enough about Telltale. Tales of Monkey Island is bac,, with a complete 5-part series published by Athlon Games. Of course, giving one of the best Lucasarts point’n’click games to Telltale is a controversial decision. For example, it looks like they have made a few mistakes: even the pricing for the episodes of this game are a little wrong.