PS5 Release Date is Bad News for PS4 Players

Gaming has evolved tremendously in the recent years, and it has become a hobby for people of all ages. Whether you’re enjoying your favorite games for hours or only to get the illusion that time flows faster, the industry is so vast that you just have to choose some games. But if you’re one of those many gamers who seek realism in a game, then the upcoming PlayStation 5 is just for you.

PlayStation 5 is Sony’s next-generation console, and it was initially expected to arrive around the Holidays, along with Xbox Series X. But recent news claims that the release of both consoles could delay.

Coronavirus could complicate Sony’s plans

You know what they say that you can’t fight the forces of nature. And when nature brings along a deadly virus that has the potential to become a pandemic, it gets even worse. The release of both PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles could become problematic because of the coronavirus.

An analyst named Daniel Ahmad shared his thoughts for Hollywood Reporter:

“If the coronavirus outbreak is contained within the next month or two then we would expect console manufacturers to be able to meet the demand for the holiday quarter, both for current-gen consoles and next-gen console launches.

“If manufacturers are unable to operate at full capacity before the end of Q2 2020, we could see an impact on next-gen console launches, with either limited supply or delayed releases becoming the likely outcomes.”

The PS5 console is expected to take gaming at a whole new different level. Virtual reality support, high-tech SSD with little to no lag at all, and haptic controllers are among the most significant features the next-generation console will have.

Deciding which one of the two upcoming gaming machines is the best (PS5 and Xbox Series X) might be the challenge of the century. Whatever the answer may be, the launch of the two consoles will mark the pinnacle of the gaming industry.