The Vicious Sharks of Fortnite

Fortnite has made an unexpected move: they have added animals to the 100-player deathmatch system. This, after all, is the only way to truly prove who is the best. In its latest update, Fortnite sank the map and brought sharks into the fray. These sharks are more than capable of grabbing the victory for themselves, it seems.

Fortnite’s story is convoluted, long and definitely map-destroying. In its latest chapter, Epic’s murder island completely sank beneath the waves. The floods came with deadly sealife. After a short amount of time, players discovered that sharks do not stick to their natural environment. A lot of the shark moments in the game are reminiscent to Jaws, as these beasts of the sea are able to snap buildings in half just to bite someone. Their aim is almost crazy.

Of course, players are at higher risk of getting bitten by sharks if they come a little too close to water. However, being on land does not mean that you are safe. Sure, sharks cannot breather on dry land, but they can still chase you up on flights of stairs. And even then, remember that the sharks can simply leap three stories through the air without too much effort.

Of course, this event gives off some Shark Week vibes. This makes leaning into the supposed bloodthirst of what are just your everyday ocean predators. Sharks are deadly in real life as well, but they will not destroy actual towers out of sheer anger. Fortunately, some Fortnite players, such as Redditor Hotdogonthebbq, have managed to live together with the ocean predators. They do this by using fishing rods and the Scoot emote to turn sharks into enormous jetskis. That last one might be interpreted as animal cruelty, but it is still way better than punching a bunch of holes in a Great White with a minigun.