Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2 – Details, Plot, Release Date And More

The next Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2 will be released soon, arriving with a new story act and lots of action. It will mark that start of the Big Bang arc that comes after the end of the Universal Conflict, which concluded last week. A special episode that bridges the two seasons is already available.

The First Episode in Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2

A reliable source has mentioned that the name of the first episode of season 2 will be The Invasion of Gods of Destruction! The Beginning of a New Battle! It is quite clear that the title suggests upcoming battles against a fresh set of villains. However, some fans are puzzled by the fact that the Gods of Destructions seem to challenge Goku and the others since they didn’t do anything that was wrong.

Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2 Plot

A major focus will be placed on the skills of Goku and his team along with the Xeno fighters. According to the official synopsis of the new season, Tokitoki has managed to travel through space-time and reach the seventh universe.

The Gods of Destruction aren’t pleased with his actions, and they come to the universe to battle him. Goku, Trunks, and the rest of the crew will have to fight will the 12 Gods of Destruction to save Tokitoki.

Release Date

The premiere of the second season will take place on March 5, according to a series of reports. Many hope that there won’t be other delays for the new episodes and that they will be released in a timely manner.

Fans who are interested in the new season or want to catch-up up or watch the entire season one again will be happy to learn that it is available for free on the official Dragon Ball Heroes website. The anime also acts as promotional material for the video games and card games with the same name.