Iron Man Might Get a New Superpower in the Next Movie

It seems that Iron Man will get a new superpower. We have seen Tony Stark as Iron Man, the best superhero of Marvel. This is due to the success of the MCU, with Robert Downey Jr. impressing fans with his portrayal of this Avenger.

Is Tony Stark one of the iconic superheroes?

If we are to be fair, Tony Stark is not actually a superhero. He’s a billionaire and a genius who built a suit of armor from scratch. He is one of the smartest men on Earth. He uses his mind to create weapons, which allow him to stand together with gods and aliens.

What will be his new superpower?

But the preview of Empyre #0 coming from Marvel shows Tony Stark having a power of his own: precognition. It’s really a combination of Kree and Skrull armada coming towards Earth, and Stark wakes up, dreaming about the threat.

Tony believes it is just a nightmare, but he is disturbed when the gang gets an SOS message, and they are summoned to space. However, this is not a coincidence.

How does he develop his superpower?

The idea is not so bad. Tony Stark has begun to develop this superpower by osmosis because he stands a lot around cosmic artifacts and cosmic creatures. This superpower is actually useful. Stark always has though high of himself, a man able to divine the patterns of society and technology.

The mind and perspective of Tony is the secret to his success. He always thinks ahead, and he takes pride in that. he does not create something that people need now, but something people will need in the future. Tony Stark has always been perfect for this role, as we believe. We look forward to seeing Iron Man’s new superpower in an upcoming movie.