Pokemon GO Update Available with Latio and Latia And New Changes

The Legendary Eon Duo will be soaring back into Pokemon Go, in the Rids mode. They will be present for a four day weekend. Starting this Friday, June 12, 2020, Legendary Psychic and Dragon types, Latios, respectively Latias, will come back to Five Star Raids. Players have time until 10 PM Monday, June 15, to get these two before they leave the Raids mode once again. Both Latios and Latias can come as shinies, and, as a Dragon-type Pokemon, they make for some amazing counters against the newest Legendary Raid Pokemon, known as Zekrom. Latias and Latios were first introduced in the Hoenn region of Gen III. They are a powerful pair, and they are both highly intelligent Pokemon, being able to communicate telepathically with their Pokemon Trainers.

Latia and Latio are weak against Fairy, Ice, Ghost, Dark, Dragon and Bug types, so make sure to also add dragons such as Rayquaza, Dragonite, and Salamance. You can also spice things up with some Fairy types like Togekiss or Gardevoir, and even some Ice types, such as Mamoswine. If you want to hit your enemies harder than usual, you can double things up with Giratina, the Dragon, and Ghost-type. Ensure to have a lot of Remote Paid Passes, and you can challenge pretty much any Raid there is on the map.

How do you feel about having another chance to catch the Legendary Eon Duo? Do you have any words your advice for the other Trainers out there? Maybe some tips or tricks or even some basic information for beginner trainers out there? Regardless, for all die-hard Pokemon fans, there is a way to become a more involved member of the fanbase. We recommend checking out the complete Pokedex, which is available online, or looking at all of our other Pokemon Go guides so that you can become a true Pokemon master.