List of Games Coming to PlayStation 5

The Arrival of PlayStation 5 Brings More Games to PC Owners. Here Is What You Should Expect in the Upcoming Period

Sony has recently released a promotional trailer for its most awaited product of the year, and the PlayStation 5 console and the good news are not ceasing to amaze us. According to the official declarations of the manufacturer, the upcoming games specially designed for PS5 will also be available for PC players. In case you missed the latest pieces of information, no worries. We have you backed up.

First and foremost, Project Athia, an all-times favorite given its action-oriented storyline designed by Square Enix’s Luminous Studios, the producers of Final Fantasy XV. The trailer displays that the game was developed for PlayStation 5 users, but it is still room for a future PC concept.

Another new gaming experience for computers is represented by Hitman 3, scheduled to be released in the first quarter of the following year. Should you be a fan of Capcom’s survival horror series, congratulations to you! Resident Evil 8 is also on the PC arrivals list.

Animal lovers? BlueTwelve Studio has thought about you while creating Stray, a game scheduled to be released during the forthcoming year. The storyline involves your character, a cat lost in a cybercity, trying to find its way back home. Enjoy an incredible world, where drones and androids represent the ordinary.

Dinosaurs, teen drama, angst, and wistfulness all included in the same game, Goodbye Volcano High, scheduled to be released in 2021.

Or perhaps you are looking for a mystical adventure. How does a world where the main inhabitants are represented by bugs sound? Well, Bugsnax will be available for purchase during the summer

For basketball fans, NBA 20k21 will be released in the upcoming years.