Best Upcoming PC Games

NotE3 is now in full swing. As it was expected, we have a lot of new PC games coming soon. There are still plenty that have not been announced yet, but they will probably be revealed during the PC Gaming Show. Below is a list of all the important PC games that are coming out in 2020.

Valorant: June 2

Valorant is an upcoming free-to-play FPS multiplayer game, pitching two teams of five against each other in a game of bomb defusal. One team has to plant and detonate the bomb, while the other is trying to defuse it. We will see if this game is the successor to Overwatch or if there is a different concept behind Valorant. We will see for sure on June 2.

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection: June 5

If you have ever wanted to play the classic Command & Conquer, but with amazing graphics, then get to playing the Remastered Collection, put together by EA. It contains overhauled versions of both the original Command & Conquer and Red Alert, plus all the afferent expansions. This remastered edition does not just give an update to the visual aspect of the games, but brings the sound up to date as well..

Beyond Blue: June 11

This is pretty much Blue Planet: The Game. This game is being developed together with the BBC, so it is likely to contain a lot of realistic sharks, fish and sperm whales. This spiritual successor to Endless Ocean will be an immersive exploring experience.

Warborn: June 12

If Wargroove let players experience some grid-based tactics action last year, Warborn one-ups it, with a hexagonal grid. In Warborn, you will control a large, anime-style mech and use its unique skills and weapons to destroy the enemies, capture facilities and defend humankind from outside invasions.