Strange Radio Bursts From Space Have Been Reported Again, Now Following A Pattern

Researchers reported that mysterious fast radio bursts (FRBs) from space were detected again, and they even managed to observe a pattern.

Their source is yet to be known. Similar signals were discovered about a decade ago, and repeating patterns haven’t been detected again by 2016.

First Study

The new study analyzes fast radio bursts, which are pulses that last for an extremely short duration, only a fraction of a millisecond.

However, the process that produces those fast radio bursts is unknown for the moment.

Up until this year, those signals were labeled as random and unpredictable. However, earlier this year, it was observed that one fast radio burst has been repeating itself in a noticeable pattern, which led to the speculation about the origin of the signal. Some believe that it is produced by the technology of some distant alien civilization.

Second Analysis

A new study has noted the discovery of a second repeating fast radio burst that appears to be following a pattern.

Unlike the first FRB (fast radio burst), the latter appears to follow a burst pattern of about 16 days, as it results in a new burst cycle every 157 days. Unfortunately, that makes it much harder to identify the pattern from the apparently random bursts.

Possible Source

The source of the fast radio bursts is probably in orbit around some other planet or star, the pattern suggests, but there isn’t enough data to back up that idea.

Scientists are waiting for a new burst pattern to happen so that they can compare data between events and maybe observe critical details.

Unfortunately for some, the cause of the bursts isn’t alien technology, but rather some natural process that we aren’t yet aware of. Science will undoubtedly solve this mystery as soon as there is enough data.