Minecraft: PE Toolbox 5.2.0 Update Come With New Items and Improvements

Minecraft was released in the world more than 10 years ago but the popular sandbox game remains one of the most popular video games in the world, with more than 100 million players active across the the world and on several platforms. Minecraft: Pocket Edition, for its part, is the mobile version of Minecraft.

Players are spawned on an endless map and start to work towards their goals in their own rhythm, collecting materials, constructing impressive buildings and enjoying a great time with friends. Players can choose between the challenging Survival mode, the endless possibilities of the Creative mode and a rich selection custom games that offer an excellent experience.

Many mobile gamers enjoyed the portable version of the game, which was known for a long time as Minecraft: Pocket Edition. At one point, the developers of the game decided to pull the game from mobile markets to work on massive improvements.

The redesigned version has been released as Minecraft, but many players continue to refer to the mobile version of the game as Pocket Edition. The Survival mode is the default and most popular game mode for many players, but it may become a bit difficult at some point.

About the Toolbox for Minecraft: PE app

However, users have the option to enhance their experience with Toolbox for Minecraft: PE. This one is a popular app that offers the option to gain specific items, alter the game mode, customize health, time or weather, and much more.

It is easy to add an important item in-game by accessing the custom menu. If your health is too low, you can refill it or switch to Creative with a single tap. Those who want to create a specific item but do not remember the recipe will enjoy the ability to look for it in a complete library that offers everything you may need to know about the game.

The Minecraft: PE Toolbox 5.2.0 update comes with the addition of a handy minimap that can track nearby players, the ability to enchant items, and support for the latest beta version of the game. Also, the new version of the app brings some performance improvements for smooth user experience.