Now You See Me 3 Rumors Hint To A Surprising Cast For The Villain Of The Movie

Now You See Me 3 has the entire potential to become the movie of the year. Currently, it is still in works. The films were reported to enter its early stages of production, but the actors and directors have kept silent, so we can’t say we know much about the future of the movie.

Fans are speculating that Now You See Me three will be released soon in theaters. They have also been talking about what will happen with the characters. There are many reports saying that the third movie will come with a brand new bad guy. In the final movie of the trilogy, it is expected that the Four Horsemen will find a match for their magic.

What we know so far

The movie series has been quite secretive when it came to their villains, and we found out at the end, who was the target. We think that we will live the same story in the third movie, and probably no one will expect that particular person to be the villain. We cannot know just yet who is the real villain. Where would all the magic be?

Rumor has it, Benedict Cumberbatch will join the cast for this movie. He is known for embracing roles for Sherlock and Doctor Strange, and we believe he will have an essential role in this movie. He will be a magician who uses technology for his own sake for his illusions in order to steal money.

About the production

The development of the movie started back in 2015 – the second movie was not in theaters yet. The director of the film is still Jon M. Chu, who is working together with writer duo Neil Widener and Gavin James for the third movie.

As you have probably heard, Ed Solomon no longer works on the franchise, and this is perhaps why this delay is happening at the moment. We believe that the movie will be released in 2021.