NASA Astronaut Christina Koch Returned Home

Christina Koch returns to Earth this week after she achieved a significant milestone for female astronauts by spending approximately one year aboard the International Space Station. She landed along with two other colleagues from the European Space Agency and Russian Space Agency in the Kazakh Steppes.

The records set by Christina Koch

The previous record was set by renowned astronaut Peggy Whitson at 289 days for a single spaceflight by a female. Koch beat this record by spending 328 days in space. Another achievement for Koch is represented by the fact that she was a part of the first all-women spacewalk along with Jessica Meir, another female astronaut.

During a statement offered to a popular television channel, Koch mentioned that microgravity is one of the things that she will miss since it can be quite enjoyable to move across the ISS by jumping around. Whitson was also mentioned as a model, and strong inspiration and Koch plans to encourage a new generation of astronauts who wish to venture into the fascinating world of space.

Women are more and more present in space missions

In recent years the number of women that are more interested in scientific domains has continued to grow at a stable rate, and the trend will likely continue.

A recent ad showed during the Super Bowl sough to promote the curiosity of female students who wish to explore space and Olay, a cosmetic company who ordered the ad, pledged to offer $1 every time it was shared on a social media platform. More than 100 million people watched the Super Bowl while advert space came with a premium price tag of approximately $5 million for a 30-second commercial.

Parmitano and Skvortsov, who returned to Earth with Christina Koch, have spent six months in space during a regular mission schedule. Valery Polyakov holds the all-time record for the longest time spent in space during a single mission for 437 days.