Minecraft Dungeons: Updates about Upcoming DLCs

There is some good news for the fans of the new Minecraft Dungeons game! The first Hero Pass of the game will be released, and, included in the pass, players will get two major DLCs. The first one has already been revealed in a post found on the Mojang blog.  It is called Jungle Awakens, and it is a three-mission adventure set. Can you guess the location of this new DLC? No? Well, it’s not easy to guess: the jungle. This DLC, apart from the missions, will include new enemies, such as the leapleaf, the jungle zombie, the position quill vine, but also several new items, such as artifacts, armor, and weapons. This exciting new DLC is currently scheduled for release in July.

For now, there is no exact release date for the second DLC, but we already know what it is going to be called. Creeping Winter is going to come out later in 2020. Everything posted on the Mojang blog fits a leak from one week ago, thus confirming it. We can probably guess that the screenshots of Creeping Winter from the leak are real as well. They include creatures such as polar bears, but also the cold, wintery version of some classic Minecraft enemies, such as creepers and zombies.

Mojang is not just working on these DLCs. The studio is also trying to patch its cross-platform functionality and add some free content, which they promise is going to be nothing to scoff at.

Minecraft Dungeons has received quite a warm reception. For beginners to the dungeon crawler genre, it is the perfect introduction, while for veterans of the dungeon crawling genre, it is a chill adventure. Although the game does not have anything to make it stand out from the rest, it is a fun, casual, and streamlined experience.