Hytale: New Updates about the Sandbox Crafting Game

Minecraft has been the inspiration for several creative sandbox crafting games. One of them is currently being developed by a creator of a Minecraft multiplayer server and is called Hytale. Hytale is currently scheduled to be released in 2021, and the developers seem to be on track, regularly posting progress updates. The latest update is definitely an exciting one, detailing about throwable objects and in-depth character customization.

So far, it looks like Hytale will be strongly focused on cosmetics.  The game will stay true to its grassroots origins, and it will have plenty of room for modders to make the changes they want to it. Hypixel, the developers, have recently spoken about the way in which color gradients will be applied to in-game assets. The developers have mentioned that players will be allowed to use the Hytale Model Maker and will also be able to implement customizable gradient maps. New color schemes and materials will be introduced to the game, greatly increasing the available color options for current items.

It is safe to say that all gamers know what happens when you punch the trunk of a tree in Minecraft. You hit it, and you hit, everything seems to go well, but then, suddenly, as the block is destroyed and you are left with the wood, the upper part of the tree somehow remains suspended in-air.  This mind-boggling phenomenon will not be present in Hytale, as the upcoming game will have an extensive physics engine. A series of videos have been posted to the developer’s blog, thus demonstrating how players will be able to throw various items in-game. These will not just be chucked in a certain direction, but will also interact with the environment. Rocks will bounce off trees, while spears will remain embedded in their targets. Perhaps the most exciting feature of all is that players will be able to throw their own poop.