Clash of Clans: Which Are The Best Spells to Use in Battles? See Our Top Picks

Strategy games for mobile devices represent a great way to entertain yourself or simply make time flow faster while you’re waiting somewhere. That’s where a game like Clash of Clans can come in handy, as it’s enjoyed by about 100 million players worldwide.

But surely you would want to be better in the game if you like it. Learning some spells can help you a lot for inflicting pain onto your enemy and ruining his village. Let’s see the best spells you can use in Clash of Clans:

Poison Spell

The Poison Spell becomes tremendously useful when you encounter enemies who have troops stored in the defending Clan Castle. This Spell can slow down the movement and speed of your opponents. When a strong troop is hidden in a Clan Castle, the Poison Spell will make you advance victoriously through a battle with much more ease.

Bat Spell

Too bad this one has nothing to do with Batman, but it can also turn out to be very useful. As you drop a Bat Spell, you’ll spawn a crowd of bats that are capable of doing some significant damage to your opponents. Use the Bat Spell wisely and you can even take out the the inferno towers quickly.

Healing Spell

The Healing Spell can be effective to both air and ground troops. As its name suggests, the Healing Spell can be used for healing your army.  This spell is simple to use and highly efficient, as you can regenerate the powers of your army when it’s severely damaged during a battle.

Freeze Spell

This one is very effective while using along with the Bat Spell. Freezing your opponents for a short time could make the difference in a battle. Freeze Spells present the opportunity to take a breather for a few seconds while your troops continue an attack. The Freeze Spell works exactly like you’ve imagined yourself: it will hold imobilized and powerless whatever is frozen, giving you the opportunity to gain the advantage.

Do you have any other favorite spells in Clash of Clans?