Industria: Most Surreal Upcoming Video Game

Industria is an upcoming shooter game. It is set in East Berlin during the fall of the Berlin Wall. The game starts just like any other shooter game; then it surprises players by suddenly transporting their character to a parallel dimension, which definitely gives Industria some BioShock and Half-Life vibes. Industria has a surreal start, with a synth-heavy soundscape, deeply atmospheric visuals, and an immersive story lasting around four hours.

Industria’s recently released trailer showcases a soundscape of confusion, paranoia, and civil unrest sweeping around the divided city of Berlin. During the trailer, a narrator talks about various things that the player must achieve and of the mysterious circumstances dominating the landscape. In the trailer, we can see industrial automatons, floating people, and some dense cityscapes in both the real world and the parallel dimension.

Bleakmill, the developer of Industria, has made an official summary for the game. On the evening of the fall of the Berlin wall, a young woman somehow goes to a parallel dimension in order to recover a colleague of hers, which is missing from work. This coworker has disappeared under circumstances that cannot be explained. Nora escapes from this world while checkpoints in East Berlin are still being overrun by swarms of people trying to reach the West. Somehow, Nora escapes the real world and disappears into hidden layers of time, leading her to a mysterious fate. The summary sure hopes interesting, and the story is definitely going to keep gamers on their toes. With an amazing atmosphere and detailed soundtrack, we just have to hope that the gameplay is going to be up to this great game.

Industria will be available for purchase on Steam. Headup Games, the publisher of the game, which has been developed by Bleakmill, has declared that Industria will be released in 2021.