Deliver Packages in the Exceedingly Calm Lake

Lake is an open world explore-a-town game that is due to release at the end of the year. It has a pretty bad search engine optimization, as searching “post delivery woman video game small town” is pretty much the only way to find it online.

In Lake, you play as Meredith, a girl that delivers parcels and interacts with locals in the peaceful, serene Providence Oaks at a pretty chill pace. The game’s trailer was highlighted today during the Guerrilla Collective not-E3 livestream, and it is a gentle, twiddling-guitar-music sort of game. The story looks gentle and relaxing.

Lake is set in Oregon, in 1986, and Providence Oaks is actually revealed to be the home town of Meredith. The name of the game seems to come from the massive lake that the city of Providence Oaks sits on. But hey, you never know! We might be surprised. From the trailer, it looks like the post can be delivered in whatever order you prefer, and there are also some activities designed for your free time. For example, Meredith can go visit the local dinner when she is off-shift. Since this is the girl’s home town, I think there are going to be a lot of elements of backstory to be discussed. It is likely that some memories will be tragic, others downright painful, and Meredith is probably going to get a lot of surprises. Even now, it hurts to think to think what people from school Meredith will meet in her journey in Providence Oaks.

Unfortunately, the Steam page for Lake is yet to reveal much about this game, such as how Meredith will actually deliver her mail. The Steam description, however, does imply that Meredith might choose to pack her city job in to be a rural postwoman full time, That is quite a change.