PC Gaming Show – Major Announcements

The PC Gaming Show at notE3 is finally over and dusted for one more year. Boy oh boy, there were a lot of PC games announced. Ranging from Persona 4 Golden to all sorts of new trailers and early access release dates for games such as Torchlight 3 and Ooblets, there is a lot of stuff that happened at the PC Gaming Show. If you missed it or just need a reminder of what happened, check out the list below:

Valheim – New trailer

To start things off, Valheim is a lo-fi Viking ‘em up, and there is a new trailer for this exciting concept. In Valheim, you will be building a home, crafting weapons and gear, slaying monsters, hunting deer and much more. As you progress, Valheim will enable you to build an entire homestead with a lot of villagers to work for you and keep you safe from trolls, skeletons and other bad creatures. For now, there is no release date for Valheim.

Ooblets – New trailer and early access release date

During the PC Gaming Show, we got another look at the cozy, creature collector life sim Ooblets. This trailer really delivers, and, what is even better, we know when the early access version of Ooblets will make it to the Epic Games Store (this very summer).

Torchlight 3 – New trailer and early access

A new trailer for the famous action adventure RPG has made an incredible reveal: the game is actually entering its early access phase today! Torchlight 3 has a much bigger map than the first two installments of the series, your very own fort is now customizable, and there are many other pets and classes available. In Torchlight 3, you can even visit other players’ forts, pet their pets and all that, so it is much more interactive and engaging than the previous versions of the game.