Death Stranding will arrive on PCs in 2020

Many gamers may have heard about Hideo Kojima, the famous director of the iconic Metal Gear series.

The creator parted ways with Konami, who owns the franchise IP, and founded a new studio which is known as Kojima Productions. Kojima wanted to create a fresh IP as the first game of the new studio, and Death Stranding appeared.

In the past, it was thought that the game would be exclusive to the PS4, with Sony Online Entertainment as the publisher of the title, which should be released on November 8, 2020. It seems that a new deal was signed as the game will also be released for PCs in 2020.

According to a hot press release, the title will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PS4, while 505 Games will publish the PC version. At this point, it is not known if an Xbox One version could be in the making, but more details should surface in the future.

Death Stranding is an interesting game as a selection of trailers and teasers offered glimpses of information but did not paint an accurate image of the game. Many of the mechanics which could make an appearance remain elusive and several aspects of the game are surrounded in mystery.

Sony has stated that reviews of the tile will be available after November 1, which means that potential buyers will have enough time to learn more about the game before it will be released for the PS4 a week later.

The decision to allow the publishing of reviews so early is quite interesting since most publishers prefer to delay them until the game is available on the market. In this context, we can conclude that Sony believes that the game will be successful since reviews will attract more potential buyers after the game will be unleashed on the market.