Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Is On The Rise, Despite Numerous Warnings

A dangerous trend seems to be forming in the US among pregnant women – Marijuana use during pregnancy. And that despite the numerous warnings from doctors and even the FDA. A new report from the FDA concluded that the number of future moms that use cannabis during pregnancy has doubled during the last few years.

Since prescription drugs can cause irritability, diarrhea, drowsiness, headaches, insomnia, and many other adverse effects, pregnant women see cannabis as a much healthier alternative. However, less is known about the real effects of Marijuana consumption on unborn babies.

Usually, future moms consume cannabis in the first months of pregnancy to combat nausea, the so-called morning sickness, that’s correlated with the first trimester of the pregnancy. But, the FDA, along with doctors, warn that Marijuana use might affect the correct development of the fetuses.

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Is On The Rise – What Could Be The Side Effects?

Doctors warned that cannabis smoke might interfere with the development of the brain in unborn babies, cause low weight at birth, and, in rare cases, trigger premature delivery. Accordingly, it is better not to consume Marijuana if you’re pregnant.

“You can find results that say that marijuana does not have an impact on pregnancy outcomes, and you can find other studies that say that it does,” explained Dr. Torri Metz from the University of Utah’s obstetrics and gynecology department. “No amount of marijuana use during pregnancy or adolescence is safe,” also added the US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams.

The majority of doctors and even the FDA warn that pregnant women should turn their attention to other solutions to deal with morning sickness, instead of starting consuming cannabis. We don’t know really know how Marijuana use during pregnancy can affect unborn babies, so future mothers should avoid such habits.