Ragnarok Season 2 Release Date And Other Details

We have seen the success of the first season. Right now, fans of Ragnarok want a second season. Ragnarok premiered on Netflix on 31 of January 2020. They used SAM Productions. We believe that Netflix will reestablish the showcase based on the achievements of the first season.

So when is the release date of Ragnarok Season 2?

Right now, Netflix has not talked about a second season for Ragnarok. But given the fact that the first season was a success, we believe that there will be a second season. We might need to wait a bit until we get it until 2021, at least. It might take some time for the producers to get everything in order.

What should we expect from the new season?

In the first season, Magne finally found Vidar, the leader of the Jutul family. Magne was able to rely on the power of Thor and called for a huge lightning bolt to strike himself and Vidar. But it did not kill him, it instead left him unconscious, and we will soon find out the fate of Vidar, as well.

It is probable that Magne will have to fight the rest of the Jutul family at some point, even if Fjor wants to be a better person. The Jutul family is the only one made out of giants that we’ve seen up until now, but if the death of Vidar had a more significant impact, then we will probably see more giants.

More details on Ragnarok Season 2

We will probably also see more Gods showing up. The warrior is still trying to discover his powers, so we believe he will become stronger and stronger.

Lauritis, on the other hand, is quite the joker, showing that he is the incarnation of Loki. If he will also get powers in the second season, we will probably see chaos around every corner.