Smartphones with Snapdragon 636 Processor will receive the Android 10 update

HMD Global has managed to bring the Nokia brand into the spotlight, blending the excellent quality for which the name is known with great prices and extended update releases.

The latest version of Android is present on the Nokia 8.1 since it was the only model that meets the eligibility criteria required for the developer preview initiatives. An update for the Nokia 9 PureView will be released soon according to a roadmap offered by the company, but a surprising reveal made many fans happy.

A high-ranking HMD Global employee shared a message on a popular social media platform, noting that the company will release the Android 10 update for devices that use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor. At this point HMD Global is hard at work, and no release date was offered.

The announcement was quite surprising since the chipset is used in the manufacturing of mid-range devices, and most companies tend to prioritize updates for flagships models. Android 10 updates will be released for a large number of Nokia devices, but users will have to wait until stable versions are released.


Some Nokia 8.1 users have reported a selection of bugs after the Android 10 update was released.

One of the major bugs is linked to the Netflix app, as the HDR option seems to have vanished into thin air. Other users noted that their Bluetooth accessories do not work as expected, but it is important to note that some may not be compatible with the latest version of the OS. The Trusted Faces unlock feature was disabled by Google since the company decided that it is not secure enough for Android 10.

Android 10 comes with a rich selection of features, including enhanced privacy options, which put the user above the interests of many developers.

It is likely that HMD Global will release a new roadmap soon.