Dark Chocolate Is The Best Food To Reduce Cravings

Dark chocolate is a tasty treat that is favored by millions of people from all over the world. Besides the excellent taste, dark chocolate can also limit the craving of fat, sweet or salty treats in the long run.

According to a recent study, dark chocolate can also influence attention and blood sugar levels positively. While the blood sugar will be increased people who ate dark chocolate paid more attention and were more alert for a period.

By mixing the cocoa with L-theanine, the researchers observed the same benefits and an additional boon as the blood pressure was lowered. This means that the use of L-theanine can reduce the hypertensive effect of chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Is The Best Food To Reduce Cravings

Another study elaborated by a Danish team argues that dark chocolate can also reduce appetite, a helpful trait that is not present in the case of milk chocolate. People who wish to lose a bit of weight during the holiday season may want to swap traditional deserves with dark chocolate since it can provide a lovely experience while keeping the number of calories considerably lower.

During a study, a team of researchers analyzes the effects of milk and dark chocolate in the case of appetite and caloric intake among of group of healthy men. For the sake of the study, the participants fasted for ten hours and then consumed 100 grams of dark or milk chocolate during two separate sessions.

Scientists observed their hunger, satiety, and cravings over five hours after each type of chocolate was consumed. After two and a half hours, the participants had the chance to consume pizza and were asked to eat until they felt sated. Data recorded by the team infers that participants who consumed dark chocolate tended to eat a lower amount of pizza as their appetite and calorie intake was reduced by 17%. It is also well-known that unsweetened dark chocolate with a high content of cocoa is rich in healthy fats and antioxidants.