Rick and Morty, Season 4, Episode 6 – More Hot Information Revealed

If you are a fan of Rick and Morty, we know for sure that you are dying to know more about the launch date of Episode 6 from Season 4. We only have a trailer from the Adult Swim creators, but some clues are on the inside. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon are the creators of Rick and Morty, and they are saying that they have in plans a lot of new things for the two characters.

When Season 4 of Rick and Morty was released, it came with only five episodes. The plan for the actual season is to continue with another five events next year. But chapter 6 came with a trailer that is full of hints regarding the date of launching. Some of them are hidden in the post-credits scene of the trailer.

Moreover, if you have seen episode 5, you will see that the creators are practically teasing the next chapter in the post-credits. From there, you can catch a hint about the next episode and what will happen. Episode 5 of Rick and Morty has a significant theme of the time travel. But the time travel will not be a one of a time thing, because the entire Season 4 is spinning around it.

The idea of time traveling can also bring old episodes in the present. The characters are now in a time loop, and things can change in the story. For example, when Rick punched Morty in the future and his eye blackened, the action affected the character in the present. This will be interesting to watch how the creators have thought to go with the storyline.

To sum up, the wait for Episode 6, Season 4 from Rick and Morty won’t be long. Even the writers are saying that the delay is not that long, so we are guessing that the release will be in early 2020.