Rick and Morty News – Is Cthulhu Going to Appear Again?

Cthulhu appeared in the introduction scene of Rick and Morty, but fans are not quite sure whether it will actually show up during an episode.

Rick and Morty is an Adult Swim franchise telling the story of a genius scientist Rick Sachez and that of his grandson Morty, who travels throughout the galaxy, meeting all types of characters. The unusual thing about the outcome is that their adventures typically end with bloodshed or intense emotional trauma, with the franchise being an adroit mix of comedy and sci-fi.

Even since Season 1 of the show, the series shows some random scenes, with only a few of them being included in the actual episodes. The clips usually open by showing the characters running away from alien creatures before Rick leaps into a portal, leaving Morty stuck as the monsters are trying to kill him.

Is Cthulhu Going to Appear Again in Rick and Morty?

It also always ends with a sequence depicting Rick, Morty, and Summer in the spacecraft, trying to escape from Cthulhu, after they seem to have stolen one of the creature’s babies.

In spite of Cthulhu’s appearance in the opening of Rick and Morty, the creature hasn’t yet shown up in the show. Taking into consideration the fact that about half the sequences shown in the series openings haven’t appeared into the show either, this is not a big surprise.

Co-creator of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland, said that the fun with the opening sequence is trying to guess which of the clips will appear during a particular season. He and Dan Harmon from Community have mainly acted innocent about Cthulhu making an appearance, but did confirm during an SDCC 2019 show up that there is a second part to the scene in which Cthulhu appears, which might turn up in a post-credit sequence at some point in time. So, Cthulhu will most probably appear in Rick and Morty sometime in the future.