The Last of Us Part 2 Has Revolutionized Console Gaming

Over multiple generations, the prestige game for consoles has become an important part of console games. These enormous projects are made to push the limits of the consoles, as they offer players new experiences with top production values and cutting-edge technology. Out of the game studios that offer these sort of games, Naughty Dog has established itself as one of the best. The latest creation of the studio is The Last of Us Part 2 and it is perhaps the studio’s best release yet. Underneath its façade, there is a beautifully designed experience. This game applies many of the hard lessons learned in the previous experiences and it culminates in the newest, largest and most ambitious project ever from Naughty Dog. In this article, we will explore The Last of Us Part 2.

Technically speaking, it is difficult to isolate new techniques or technologies never witnessed before within the gaming community. This game has exemplary execution, down to the smallest details in the game. There is also a detailed exploration of earlier concepts that the developers previously tried experimenting with in the past. For example, The Last of US Part 2 has one of the largest environments to date in a Naughty Dog game, as it takes a page from the more open-world Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. This idea, however, is taken to the next level. Both world rendering and character design have been improved across the whole board while significant changes have been implemented to the back-end mechanics in order to enable a much smoother, more enjoyable experience for all players.

The first installment of the series, just like Uncharted before it, is a cinematic game that is driven by set-piece moments. That means that, although the design seems open, the game is actually just a series of tunnels. This is also true in The Last of Us Part 2.