Alienware Aurora Systems Feature A Customized RTX 3080 GPU

While gaming consoles have become more popular and powerful in recent years, a large number of players prefer dedicated gaming desktops. PCs are more flexible as they can also handle a large number of other tasks, and they often come with a superior graphics performance.

Alienware’s Aurora pre-built desktops are among the most popular high-end PCs as they offer impressive upgrade flexibility as well as top-of-the-line components at launch. The manufacturer has managed to secure some Nvidia RTX 3080 cards, and the version available on Aurora R11 is quite impressive.

Tweaked for performance

The RTX 3080 version developed by Alienware comes shorter in comparison to all the other models that were released on the market, measuring 10.5-inches (or 267 mm). By comparison, the Fonder’s Edition offered by Nvidia is slightly larger, measuring 11.2-inches (or 285 mm).

Alienware also ups the ante with the help of a proprietary cooling solution in the form of a blend between a heat pipe and a vapor chamber that is backed by dual fans. This implementation relies on 2.5 PCIe slots and 8-pin power connectors.

Hefty price

Such performance isn’t available at low prices. Alienware asks for $825 if users want to add an RTX 3080 to the base Aurora setup and $1,625 in the case of the RTX 3090. A fully-featured of the Aurora R11 with the RTX 3080 can reach $1,800, which is relatively reasonable for a gaming build.

Of course, the price of the final build can vary since prospective customers have access to a wealth of options, including the ability to add more RAM, an SSD, or a faster CPU. Users who do not wish to pick customize a build have the option to pick from a few variants suggested by Alienware.

With the RTX 3080 being sold out across the world, Alienware is in for a treat.