The CDC Releases COVID-19 Guidelines For Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, many children are already thinking about their costume, despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the world at a fast pace. Holidays can be a celebration for the whole family and bring some much-needed feelings of calm and relaxation as children run around in search of sweets while dressed as their favorite superheroes.

 Fancy decoration

Maximize the Halloween spirit with the help of bright and noticeable decorations that will bring attention to your house. Pumpkins are an essential decoration, and they can be carved easily inside the house and then placed on the outside.

Virtual costumes content

Families can wear costumes in their house to enjoy the holiday, and there are lots of costumes that have large masks. However, it is not advised to fill your house with guests, and a virtual Halloween costume competition could be a safe and fun alternative for those who like to party with friends.

Prepare a scavenger challenge

Going around the neighborhood could be quite tricky this year. A safer alternative would be to organize a scavenger hunt in or around the house and limit it to members of the family. Using clues is always a great idea, especially if they lead to a tasty surprise.

Use community tables for sharing sweets

Sweets are the central part of Halloween for most children. Talk with other neighbors to organize an area where wrapped goodies can be placed, and children can collect them without the need to visit individual houses.

Explore spooky locations

Another  great way to enjoy Halloween is to gather the family and explore spooky settings. Abandoned houses can play the role of fun, haunted houses that can be explored from the outside. Going to orchards or farm grounds were pumpkins are present is also a solid alternative as long as social distancing and hygiene rules are respected.