Presurgery Acupuncture Could Reduce The Need For Painkillers

Hundreds of thousands of operations take place around the world on a daily basis, and in many cases, patients will need to use painkillers after the operation takes place.

According to a new study, the use of classic and battlefield-style acupuncture can reduce the need to use opioids after surgeries by up to 50%. The research observed military veterans who were treaded at a medical center in use. The study involved two groups: one received traditional acupuncture, and the other received battlefield-style acupuncture.

Battlefield acupuncture

Battlefield acupuncture was developed two decades ago by an Air Force doctor who wanted to reduce the pain experienced by soldiers on the field. Since it relies on five points spread across the year and the use of five needles, it can be administered quickly.

According to official statistics, up to 5.7 million veterans in the US experience some form of pain. Veterans were more open to the use of battlefield acupuncture since the method was developed by a military doctor, a fact that facilitated the research, and many were surprised by the efficiency of the method.

Benefits of acupuncture

Acupuncture has been a staple in oriental medicine for a long time, and many practitioners promote its benefits. Presurgery acupuncture has the potential to reduce the severity of many potential issues, including inflammation, blood flow restrictions, or swelling, helping the body to withstand the procedures more easily.

One of the researchers who contributed to the study argues that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that the placebo effect doesn’t contribute in a significant manner to the positive results. The beneficial effects of acupuncture have been observed for more than 5,000 years. The use of acupuncture could also limit the rising number of opioid addictions.

The study has been well-received by the medical community, and it is featured in a scientific journal.