Details about New Fortnite Event

Fortnite has just hit it big with another one of its live events. The battle royale classic started its Chapter 2 of the third season by uncovering a feature they have mysteriously named The Device. Some Fortnite leakers had predicted, almost a month before, that most of the map will be plunged underwater after an intense battle between the doomsday device controlled by The Agency and the blue storm happening in Fortnite.

When the in game countdown clock that measured the time left until the clockdown reached zero, players found five enormous pylons pop out of the ground in the area of The Agency. Exactly at the center of the map, a pillar somehow rose out of the ground with something at the top that appears to be a plasma ball toy. After pulling the power from the five pillars that support it, the eye of Sauron shoots out purple lightning to fight against the circular blue storm going on in Fortnite.

Both The Device and the storm push back and forth like a battle between some Super Sayans while players levitate in the air. For now, it looks like the storm has been defeated, so Fortnite’s map is a peaceful, blissful, storm-free existence. The storm then crashes back and, instead of having the usual storm, the map of Fortnite looks like an actual sinkhole.

If you want to take a look at the event, you can find plenty of videos on YouTube. Now, players will leave the battle bus and join the battle in a giant wall of water. If you panic and jump outside of where you are supposed to, you might find yourself swimming around and taking damage as if you would normally be outside of the playable area. Throughout the event, players are teleported into an office building, so the event is definitely an engaging one.