Xbox 360 Error 80181102 And How To Solve It

If you encountered error 80181102 on your Xbox 360 console, mainly when you were trying to download content, it can mean one of many things.

The most frequent reasons why this error pops up include incomplete purchases, Xbox Live, or connection issues.

Verify Your Xbox Live Purchase

To do so, login to your Xbox Live profile and check your account to verify if your purchase appears listed.

If you didn’t find it there, it might not have completed or gone through completely.

You can try re-purchasing. However, if the purchase is listed but you can’t download it, try the following solution:

Refreshing The Profile

To refresh your profile, you need to delete it first. Follow these steps:

  • Open Settings -> System Settings
  • Go to Storage -> All Devices
  • Select Profiles and pick your Gamertag for the profile you want to delete
  • Select Delete and then click Delete Profile only. That will erase the profile from your console and leave all your saved games and achievements unaffected.

Now you have to clear the system cache to remove any potentially corrupted data. That won’t remove your Gamertag, game files, content you’ve downloaded, or console software updates. It will remove previously downloaded game updates, which you have to re-download when you play a game again.

To Redownload Your Profile:

  • Press the Guide button on your controller
  • Go to Download profile
  • Enter your account, username, and password
  • Select the storage device where you want to download your profile. From this point, the choice of customization is yours.

If the problem persists, you can resort to Microsoft’s customer support at any time. They will open a ticket for you and guide you through the process of solving the problem.

Don’t be afraid to ask Microsoft for help, as they are your best bet for solving your console’s problem.