Valorant: Riot’s Upcoming Shooter Has a New Character

Riot has once again brought its gamers some exciting news. They have just revealed the 11th agent of Valorant, a Mexican fighter known as Reyna. Riot has posted a short announcement video on Twitter to present some of Reyna’s personality and abilities, but they do not go into detail about this new character.

Back in development, Reyna was given the codename Vampire. That name still appears to tie a lot to her, as she has some spooky in-game quotes, such as “More, more,” “All dead, and I’m still hungry,” and even the in-your-face “Give me your heart.” Her color scheme has got some goth inspiration, as she is wearing a grimdark purple-and-black costume.

In the announcement video, we can also learn a thing or two about Reyna’s abilities. We can guess that her free ability could be a blind, as her quote related to it is “See nothing!”. When she uses it, a glowing, menacing eye appears right above her gun. One of Reyna’s bought abilities is possibly a healing-steal or even a life-steal, and she uses the previously mentioned “Give me your heart” quote when the ability is activated. It is rumored that another one of her abilities is an invisibility of sorts, as she shouts, “More, more!” and then her arms completely vanish, as seen in the video. Reyna’s ultimate has quite an intimidating name, being called “Empress.” Unfortunately, she does not appear to use it during the trailer, so gamers are yet to catch a glimpse of what Reyna is truly capable of.

The upcoming Valorant is Riot’s response to the well-known CS:GO, which is a very fast-paced 5v5 team shooter game. CS:GO focuses on round-based tactical combat and is a realistic first-person shooter game, unlike the upcoming Valorant, which will be a fantasy first-person shooter. Valorant’s release date is currently scheduled for June 2.