Factorio: Factory Management Sim’s Changed Release Date

The much-awaited factory development game, Factorio, has moved up its release by over a month. This well-received news are caused by the game’s conflict with Cyberpunk 2077. Wube Software has initially announced a release date of September 25 for Factorio, but this has been moved to August 14. Fans are going to get Factorio 1.0 over a month early. In an industry where gamers are used to their games constantly being delayed, this is incredibly good news.

Factorio’s release date has been changed because its previous release date was very close to that of Cyberpunk 2077, which is scheduled on September 17. Since Cyberpunk 2077 is likely to be the largest game release of 2020, Wube Software has decided to move Factorio’s release forward. This move is quite obvious, as the release of the well-known Cyberpunk 2077 is likely to dominate news in the gaming industry for several weeks entirely. This is likely to cause the exclusion of pretty much all other games, so it is only natural that Wube Software, in a marketing move, has decided to capture the attention span of their fanbase, which is known for being quite short in this industry.

The obvious question is why Wube Software has decided to move Factorio’s release date forward, instead of delaying it. This is probably due to changes made to the 1.0 release content. Some of the changes made include the decision to cut a singleplayer story campaign, which, unfortunately, quite a lot of people were asking for. In order to meet the deadline, the developers have also decided to cut a lot of planned changes to Factorio’s interface. In a concise blog post, Wube explained that most people in the team believe that the game is essentially done, and they just want to add the final touches, finish it and release it.