Evo Online Cancelled

Evo, the fighting game championship, has been cancelled this year because of abuse allegations against the co-founder and CEO of Evo, Joey MrWizard Cuellar. Evo is ejecting him from the company and they are going to hire a new CEO. The makers of over half the games that participated in Evo’s lineup had already announced that they will not be participating in the event that occurred after the allegations. Some of these games include the Street Fighter gang Capcom, together with NetherRealm, the developers of Mortal Komabat. Initially, Evo Online was scheduled to run this upcoming weekend, but it is one of the many virtual replacements for events that have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last Wednesday, a member of the fighting game community has brought some allegations against Cuellar. These date back to the beginning of the millennium at Southern Hills Golfland. That is a Californian arcade that is famous for its Street Fighter scene. The member of the fighting games community promptly accused Cuellar of offering large amounts of arcade tokens to boys between the ages of 12 and 16 to jump into miniature golf course’s water hazards, wearing nothing but their underwear. He also stated that Cuellar started a bet about his penis size, for which he had to show Cuellar his erect penis. According to the accuser, he was 17 at the time.

The accuser explained that the event had no influence on his development, so there was no serious trauma involved. He explains that he realizes how it is peculiar that he did not recognize the situation at the time, but he also argues that it is not his fault for not recognizing it. After the allegations surface, Cuellar was placed on leave until a third-party investigated the allegations. Eventually, he was fired.