The Link Between 5G And Coronavirus – Not Quite, Just Fake News

New theories are stating that the coronavirus outbreak has been caused by the implementation of 5G technology for our gadgets. Speculations are rising and underlining that the immune system is affected by the signals emitted by this feature. Therefore the British citizens have vandalized at least 20 smartphone stores in the United Kingdom to fight against this danger.

Professor Brian Cox is taking down all these baseless claims during his speech that was transmitted live yesterday on national television. In contradiction to Cox’s opinion, more and more public figures are spreading misleading information on their social media accounts, which influences their followers’ views.

Celebrities like Amir Kahn of Woody Harrelson are claiming that these speculations are intriguing. In addition to this, they state that proper research should be realized to asses the level of implication 5G technology has on the spreading of coronavirus.

There is NO connection between 5G and coronavirus

To respond to these fake claims that are leading the population into massive confusion, Brian Cox is characterizing those supporting and sharing these baseless speculations as massive “idiots.” He made his beliefs public on his Twitter account, stating the level of irrelevancy that this rumor has on the spreading of the enormous pandemic.

What is even more alarming is that more than 20 stores producing and commercializing gadgets have been vandalized by British people after the spread of this irrelevant theory. The level of these events has been assed by Michael Grove, the Minister for the Cabinet Office. He stated that the declaration regarding the implication of 5G technology in the ongoing pandemic is saying only nonsense.

However, the fact that this nonsense is causing such alarming events, the situation becomes critical. The National medical director of NHS is also supporting the fact that the 5G story is nothing more than utter rubbish. Consequently, the smartphones are not affecting our lives. They are saving us from isolation during the lockdown period, and taking action to demolish this infrastructure is entirely foolish.