Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to PC

Everybody should now get ready, because Horizon Zero Dawn has a release date for PC. Guerilla Games, the publishers of the game, have explained that they have plans for a summer release and they even revealed a trailer for the sequel before the original will appear on PC. Well, all that does not matter anymore, because the date has been set in stone. On 7 August, Horizon Zero Dawn is going to be released on PC.

Along its announcement, Guerilla have published a trailer that goes over the PC-specific features that can be expected for the port to PC. For the most part, this involves dragging a slider back and forth to the tune of the soundtrack, which is a little underwhelming, but hey, that is how the cookie crumbles with these console to PC ports.

Simply based on the trailer released by the publishers of Horizon Zero Dawn, players will be able to take advantage of ultra-wide screen support and unlocked frame rates. You are able to set your own field of view, improving visibility, you can set a frame rate limit, so you might even be able to play Horizon Zero Dawn on your potato PC. There are even settings that enable customizable graphics. This version also contains some minor details, such as improved reflections and dynamic foliage, which are probably impressive.

From the performance point of view, the game probably runs quite well. Katharine has already undergone early tests with its port for PC, which runs on the same engine. That PC port works great and runs beautifully on a GTX 1060. Hopefully, the same will be true for Horizon Zero Dawn.

Folks over at Sony have suggested that some of the exclusive games for PlayStation might even come to PC. The entire Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, together with the Frozen Wilds expansion, will appear on Steam and Epic Games Store on 7 August.