Google Earth Update Rolled Out With Fixes And Improvements

google earth

Android users enjoy a rich assortment of apps made by Google, which are pre-loaded on their device, including Google Maps, the Google Play Store, and Gmail. However, the company has released several apps on the Play Store, which are useful and entertaining. One of them is Google Earth for Android.

The app offers the ability to explore landmarks seamlessly spread across the planet. This dedicated app version of the popular platform comes with a user interface that has been designed form the ground up with mobile devices in mind, while also retaining the features that made it famous across millions of users.

The signature feature is represented by the ability to explore many areas with the help of an address. Tap on the dedicated search bar and enter the address of the desired location. A fun animation will show a zoom-in as you are taken to a top-down view of the desired place in a few seconds.

New Google Earth Update Brings Improvements

Explore some of the most popular locations, including significant capitals, peaceful forests, and iconic locations without problems. Use the Street View feature to take a virtual walk across places like the Hollywood Boulevard, 5Th Avenue, and many more. Soak in beautiful vistas, track down the exact position of essential places, and learn more about the location with the help of new data cards.

Learn more about a specific location by activating several layers. Among the available layers, we can count weather, roads, traffic, public transportation services, tourist attractions, and others.

It is easy to traverse the virtual 3D maps with the help of touch gestures as pinches can be used for zooming, and swipes will shift the maps in the desired direction. Measure the exact distance between two distinct locations with the help of the handy Ruler tool.

The Google Earth update will enhance the experience with performance improvements and several bug fixes.