The Decline Of Earth Is Inevitable Due To Global Warming, And We Should Accept Our Destiny

We live in a century of speed, striving to complete our tasks as fast as possible so we can enjoy a short period of leisure before work begins again. Many of the discoveries and advancements that were made in the recent century have changed life for the better, but they also come with a heavy price.

Hundreds of studies have shown that climate change and global warming have become almost inevitable. Our planet is deteriorating at an accelerated pace as glaciers continue to melt, forests burn, and extreme weather events tend to surface more often.

An increased focus on the coverage of scientific data and recent events has raised the awareness related to the fact that the decline seems to be inevitable. It is theorized that we have reached a stage during which we must accept that what can be done is to prevent worse consequences in the long run, as avoiding them is no longer an option.

We should accept the decline of the Earth

Even if humanity stopped the production of all greenhouse emissions today, global warming would continue for a long time in the future, with a minimum increase of at least 1.5 degrees Celsius. Limiting the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius may be a viable scenario. Still, some researchers argue that the rise of the sea level, massive heatwaves, and extended droughts cannot be avoided. The latter two will compromise the agricultural potential of many areas.

In the wake of such revelations, it is essential to avoid negative attitudes. More people should contribute to the fight against climate change, showing big companies that the future of the next generations is more important the profits that can be gathered in our days.

Real changes will also require altruism and the willingness to make sacrifices. For example, driving less and using the public transportation system is a great choice, even if it may not be as convenient.