Recent Powerful Explosion in the Universe Is Considered to Be The Largest Since the Big Bang

Scientists have been left in awe, as the latest space event proved to be more significant than initially thought. Even if we don’t know for sure what produced that first bang, some researchers believe that a supermassive black hole might the one to blame.

What came from such a cosmic feature was so powerful that it hit a hole in the cluster’s plasma, known as the extreme-hot gas that encloses a black hole. Professor Melanie Johnston-Hollitt from the Curtin University explained that she outbursts before from the middle of the galaxies, but the recent one is huge. And she can come up with a detailed explanation.

Powerful Explosion in the Universe Might Have Been the Most Significant One Since the Big Bang

The recent space explosion was compared to the 1980 volcano eruption of Mount St. Helens, which shattered off the top of the mountain in a few moments. Dr. Simona Giacintucci, the lead author of the research, and the one who made such a comparison, said: “The difference is that you could fit 15 Milky Way galaxies in a row into the crater this eruption punched into the cluster’s hot gas.”

When the outburst was first detected, researchers were a little bit skeptical as it appeared too large to be real. However, with the help of the radio telescopes, they confirmed their data. Prof. Johnston-Hollitt added: “Having the combined information from X-ray and radio telescopes has revealed this extraordinary source, but more data will be needed to answer the many remaining questions this object poses.”

The Universe is odd enough to trouble scientists’ findings, as new cosmic features seem to modify their movements or states so unexpectedly, causing a lot of confusion. What the scientists try to do is similar to archaeology. They need to dig more and more every day using low-frequency radio telescopes.